What do we do?

What do we do?

Alt Empordà



Jazz with candles at MAS RENART.
Every Friday from Friday the 10th of March.
Possibility of dinner from 20:00 until 21:30 or tapas during the performance.
Call for reservations: 972563272 (Limited places)
Tickets: € 5

Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Jazz Renart

In 1997 the Casa-Museo de Portlligat was opened to the public and a short time before the Gala-Dalí Castle House-Museum was opened, from there arose the idea of ​​creating the route of the Dalinian triangle having as reference point the Dalí Theater-Museum Of Figueres.

Being this a route of so much fame, we recommend to make it in two days.

The best option is to start visiting the Dalí Museum in Figueres, first thing in the morning, as it is the moment of less crowding of public and you can enjoy much more of travel.

Dalí Museum of NIGHT: The Dalí Theater-Museum, the world’s largest surrealist object, was designed and conceived by Salvador Dalí himself to offer the visitor a true experience to enter into his captivating and unique world. The nocturnal visit, with a capacity limited to 500 people, allows to discover and enjoy the work and the thought of a genius, and undoubtedly increases its exceptional character. From 10 in the evening to 1 in the morning (access to the museum is closed to 2/4 of 1)

Once the visit is complete, we can stroll through the Ramblas of Figueres, Menestral Casino, Patatas square, Peralada street, Girona street, Town Hall Square and other streets of the city offering a varied offer Commercial and a pleasant passeig.I if Figueres captivates us, we have the option to stay to eat in this city.

Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Museu Dali Figueres


Tickets can be purchased online, but we recommend that you do it well in advance. (Https://www.salvador-dali.org/ca/serveis/entrades/) The visit lasts 2 to 3 hours, in winter there is the option to take a guided tour but in summer this is not possible due to the High number of visitors.

Land and Water

Combining nature and culture is a good reason to start this route. The wetlands (http://parcsnaturals.gencat.cat/ca/aiguamolls-emporda) are located halfway between San Pedro Pescador and La Escala. “Wetlands are highly valued for natural reasons, but rarely do you realize that here you will find light, color, harmony, balance, proportion and serenity, the fruit of thousands of years of evolution. (Eduard Marqués) a perfect visit to start the morning, in about two hours. You can continue walking along the road that follows the beach, until you reach the ruins of Empúries. In summer is open until 20.00h. (Winter until 18.00h) Just 2 km from here we find the village of La Escala, known for its anchovies.

Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Aiguamolls

Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Aiguamolls

Get moving and get in shape !!

  • The best moments to observe the birds are in the morning and at dusk.
  • The periods in which we find more species are during the migration, March-May and August-October.
  • Binoculars are an essential tool to observe the birds, anyway if we do not have them we can rent them in the information center.
  • If it rained it is important to remove water boots.
  • Mosquito repellent should be removed during spring, autumn and summer.
  • Entry to the observatories and itineraries is book.
  • Information center of the park. Tel.972 45 42 22.

Of the wine

It is difficult to make a wine route that is not too dense, as we have more than 30 wineries in the Alt Empordà. We can take advantage of the visit to Peralada Castle and create a very interesting little route. Peralada is a medieval village with a Casino that has its headquarters in the Castle, Gothic style. The Castle itself gives us the opportunity to visit three peculiar museums:

  • Museum of glass and ceramics
  • Wine museum
  • library

These tours are guided and last about an hour, worth doing. Here is a cava tasting. Then we can walk through the stone streets of the village and we will have the feeling that we are in another era.

In Mollet, we can visit the Lavinyeta Winery and the Coovinosa Wine Cooperative.

In Espolla you can visit the cooperative in a theatrical way … a very fun way to know the world of wine.

Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art *Lavinyeta

Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Cooperativa Espolla


Emporda is a region with a long tradition of oil production, which requires the presence of the north to make the collection by hand when the olives are still a little green. The resulting oil is fruity, aromatic and with a tendency to soften with maturation with a sharp point at the end of the palate. Oils orchards, quite clear after filtering, have a maximum acidity of 0.8 °.

Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Ruta del Vi DO Empordà

The route

De l'Albera

Just 15 minutes from the Hotel we can visit the Turtle Play Center, located in Garriguella. It includes facilities for the captive breeding of the Mediterranean Tortoise, a species in serious danger of extinction. The visit to the center will last approximately one hour. The center is located in the Sanctuary of the Campo which includes the Romanesque hermitage of the Virgen del Campo, so we can also visit the la.Podem to take the opportunity to visit the village and go to know the Empordà wine cooperative, where tastings of the Different kinds of wine. Then we can visit the Monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera. You can walk on foot through the valley and visit the imposing ruins of Sant Quirze de Colera and the church of Santa María de Colera.

It is a Benedictine monastery where two different monastic buildings converge, the old church of Sant Quirze de Colera, from the IX-X centuries and the new church from the X-XI centuries.

If we still have time and we are not tired of walking we will take the road of Rabós in the direction of Espolla, where is the information point of the mountain range of Albera and where we can take advantage to see some of the megalithic monuments that are scattered around.

Only the landscape is worth it, we will enjoy visiting the dolmens of the Cabaña and Arqueta, which is one of the largest of the Albera, there are also the Fuente del Roble, Arreganyatas and Barranco (with a deck slab with Engraved engravings), the menhir of Castellar or the necropolis hallstáttica the Vilars.

Sant Quirze de Colera

Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Sant Quirze de Colera

Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Sant Quirze de Colera

Choose your Pack

Choose your Pack



Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Pack Mosqueta

Our pack rosa mosqueta, a basic super romantic pack:

  • Special romantic pack decoration
  • Fresh fruit served in the room
  • Bottle of cava or wine served in the room
  • Breakfast served in the room if you prefer
  • Free Parking
  • Price 40 €

PACK ROSA MOSQUETA: To enjoy in couple, to dedicate a time to each other, without rush, without obligations. Surprise your partner by preparing this romantic night, a gift to share, a gift that will help keep the flame of love alive.

Preu: 40€


  • You need total payment when making the reservation
  • Packages are only available upon request
  • Confirm availability for the romantic table
  • It does not include the price of the room



Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Pack Alba

Our Pack Rosa Alba, a pack COMPLERT super romantic: Enjoy couple, dedicate time, without haste, without obligations. Surprise your partner preparing this romantic night, an unforgettable experience.

  • Massage for 2 people in the Renew
  • Breakfast served in the room
  • Free Parking

PACK ROSE ALBA: It includes a special breakfast with room service, a massage for the two of you for 50 minutes inside the room or in the SPA renovate yourself to 1,5 km of the hotel, an unforgettable experience.

Preu: 160 €



Mas Renart Hotel****Restaurant Food&Art Pack Gallica

Our Pack Rose Gallica, the super romantic romantic pack: Enjoy as a couple, dedicate yourselves time, without hurry, without obligations.

Surprise your couple with this romantic night, a massage for the two of you of 50 minutes inside your room, or in the spa. Renew yourself in a 1,5 km hotel and enjoy the unforgettable experience.

  • Massage for the 2 of you in the renew yourself plan
  • Special decoration romantic pack
  • Ampoule of champagne in the room
  • Breakfast served in the room if you prefer
  • Fresh fruit in the room
  • Free Parking

PACK ROSA GALLICA: It includes a professional massage for two people, a special ambiance with room service.

The pack includes a courtesy selection of soaps, bath salts of rose for the hidromassage jacuzzi.

You can choose whether to visit the massage in the room or at the Center de Spa Renove yourself is only 1.5 km from the hotel, which offers a wide range of facilities and professional services.

Preu: 200 €

I choose you again and again. Without words, without doubt, always you.

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